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Church Friends

Patron: The Rt. Hon. The Viscount Caldecote

Chairman: Hugh Mulholland
Treasurer: Sarah Price
Secretary: Peter Robbins T:01462 433773 M:0790 005 6151 Email: peterrobbins89@sky.com
Jane Buxton
Gill Clarke
Clare Finnimore
Brian Munnery
Grazyna Tutak

Iain Bain (Publications)
Sue Bain (Newnham liaison)
Kerry Rafferty (Key holder)
Rebecca Stanway

In November 2007 these residents in Caldecote, the tiny hamlet near Newnham at the most northern tip of Hertfordshire, formed an organisation named ‘Caldecote Church Friends’.

Its purpose is to raise funds for the maintenance and restoration of their beautiful little mediaeval church. Large scale maintenance work is carried out by a wonderful organisation, aptly known as ‘The Friends of Friendless Churches’, but the committee of the new local group will help with the many smaller tasks.

The parish itself is under the care of the Rector of Ashwell, and a service is held in the church annually, usually on the patronal feast of St. Mary Magdalen.

Apart from religious services, the group aims to open the church to the public for communal events such as concerts, art exhibitions and so on.

A Fuchsia Festival held in 2006 was a huge success, and showed widespread interest in this little hidden heritage gem – over 500 people came to visit.

There are only seven houses in Caldecote, so the group needs help! Anyone wishing to become a member of the group can easily do so by filling in an application form (24K Word File) and paying a one-off joining fee. How much? As much or as little as you like!

You are not obliged to do anything else apart from showing your support in this way. You will be kept advised of future events and important happenings.

If you want to donate money at any time, please send a cheque made out to ‘Caldecote Church Friends’ to the Secretary.

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